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Success Stories

Success Stories

Before a patient begins vision therapy in our office, they complete a Goals Sheet that helps to articulate and prioritize what issues they hope to resolve through vision therapy. Upon completion of their vision therapy program, we ask the patient to comment on how well their goals were met. These survey forms become the basis for our Success Stories.
With the family’s permission, we share these personal journeys so that other patients can benefit from these experiences and knowledge. Thankfully, the vast majority of comments are positive, but we share everything.
It is fine when a parent writes that despite making progress, there are further changes they anticipate seeing. We also follow up one year after therapy, as a patient needs time to consolidate some of the changes made before the full new skill transfer to school and outside life is complete.
Success stories are also the basis for newsletters items that we share with families who have completed vision therapy, as well as referral sources. The most powerful messages about what we accomplish come not from us, but you – our patients.

Kids (and their Parents)

"Jessica’s grades have all gone up at least one grade. She enjoys reading now and doesn’t dread it. As a matter of fact, she reads to her little sister all the time. I was a bit doubtful of Vision Therapy until I saw the change myself in her drifting eye and her schoolwork."
Tracey Marcoux
Jessica’s Mother
"I can do my schoolwork without my eye going out. I no longer see double. I don’t lose my place in reading. It is not as hard to see the blackboard."
Jessica Marcoux
"It has been a tough haul, but I did it! Now I can go back to college as a “full-time student.” That was something I thought would never happen. I am confident that I will do well. Between the eye exercises and the use of my glasses, how can I not! Also, thanks to Vision Therapy, I can resume food shopping, which is important when you take care of a household. Thank you!"
Sammy Herrmann

Adult Success Stories

Developments in video technology have made it more efficient to obtain chairside video success stories from patients. The most compelling stories are those told by patients when they are reflecting on how much has been accomplished while we are conducting vision therapy progress evaluations. These YouTube videos may also appear on our facebook page.
"Strabismus has been my life-long enemy. Because of its interference during my developmental years, both physical and intellectual pursuits proved truly difficult. Sports were unwinnable. Reading and comprehension problems made intellectual pursuits improbable. This all greatly impacted my self-esteem.

It’s a brave new world for me now being able to read and write with help from those same eyes now see so often in stereo. I can read far longer without fear of headaches. Every so often, the act of reading actually pulls me into a swoon of stereo.

To now be reading book after book, instead of recuperating from the headaches and eye strain caused from reading a single volume or part thereof is a godsend …

As a graphic designer and computer artist, my eyes do tire when overused, yet I bounce back and my fear of headaches is slowly vanishing as I continue to trust my new eyesight."
Greg Voth

Video Testimonials

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Success stories told by our vision therapy patients.

Success stories told by our vision therapy patients

Adoran was five years-old in the Fall of 2008 when his primary care optometric physician completed a referral form to our office. On the form, she indicated that Adoran was classified as learning disabled, and that his school indicated he had visual processing problems that might benefit from optometric vision therapy.
The Press Box, a regular feature of our newsletters, is based on the success stories told by our vision therapy patients.
Julia, one of our teenage vision therapy patients, wrote an essay so powerful that we are simply reproducing it in its entirety here.
“For as long as I can remember, school has always been a challenge for me. Although my grades prove otherwise, I’ve always had a tough time staying focused and engaged. After reading one sentence in a book, I’m ready to throw it against the wall and call it quits. In first grade, I could read at an eighth grade level, but no one understood how challenging it was for me. All my life I thought everybody felt that pain while doing close-up work. I thought it was normal for words to ‘move’ and for lines to merge together.”

Vision Therapy Exam at PressVision at Family Eyecare Associates

Jonathan Nitti is simply an amazing kid. He is extremely bright and out of the box, but I’d likely have to explain that expression to him. As an individual with Asperger’s he tends to be literal and not grasp metaphors easily. Through the six months that he has been in weekly office vision therapy, he has been a delight to have as a patient. His mother, Dr. Gabrielle Nitti, is one of the most outstanding optometrists I have encountered among our many sharp colleagues in New Jersey.

Easy Payment Options

We accept most major insurance, cash, most credit cards, and offer patient financing with CareCredit.
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Insurance and Payment Plans

No Insurance? / Don't See Your Insurance?

No Problem!

At PressVision, we know how confusing insurance can be for our patients. Our patients appreciate that we go the extra mile when it comes to helping our patients and their families deal with their insurance provider. 

Making Insurance Make Sense

We will explain how your deductible works. We’ll also explain what services are fully or partially covered. We’ll also tell you what services are unlikely to be covered. Based on our experience, we’ll even give you our estimate of what you can expect back from your insurance company.

Insurance Submission

We also take care of submitting all required paperwork to your insurance company. We do this every day, and we know the ins and outs of getting insurance claims submitted properly to your insurer.

What to Expect

Insurance providers are always changing coverages for services. While we can’t guarantee that your insurance company will approve or cover all provided services, you can be sure that we will fully explain everything to you and properly submit all required paperwork to your insurer.

Our Modern Fair Lawn Office

Our office is warm and welcoming to both adults and children.  We have the latest technology to assist with proper diagnosis and with vision therapy.

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