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Financing and Insurance

Financing and Insurance

At the Vision and Learning Center of Family Eyecare Associates, P.C., we make it a priority to be knowledgeable about insurance coverage for vision therapy and related services. In order to guide you appropriately, we obtain detailed information when you first contact our office.
It is crucial to understand that if you have coverage for vision therapy services under insurance, it is not included under vision care. Rather it will pertain to a medical condition (a CPT code) with a medical diagnosis (an ICD code) and therefore be reimbursable under your major medical policy.
Our experience has been that virtually all major medical carriers cover medically necessary evaluations.
Coverage for therapy itself will vary depending on your particular condition which is diagnosed following the evaluation. During a conference to review the doctor’s findings, our staff will review these considerations with you.

Easy Payment Options

We accept most major insurance, cash, most credit cards, and offer patient financing with CareCredit.
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Insurance and Payment Plans

No Insurance? / Don't See Your Insurance?

No Problem!

At PressVision, we know how confusing insurance can be for our patients. Our patients appreciate that we go the extra mile when it comes to helping our patients and their families deal with their insurance provider. 

Making Insurance Make Sense

We will explain how your deductible works. We’ll also explain what services are fully or partially covered. We’ll also tell you what services are unlikely to be covered. Based on our experience, we’ll even give you our estimate of what you can expect back from your insurance company.

Insurance Submission

We also take care of submitting all required paperwork to your insurance company. We do this every day, and we know the ins and outs of getting insurance claims submitted properly to your insurer.

What to Expect

Insurance providers are always changing coverages for services. While we can’t guarantee that your insurance company will approve or cover all provided services, you can be sure that we will fully explain everything to you and properly submit all required paperwork to your insurer.

Our Modern Fair Lawn Office

Our office is warm and welcoming to both adults and children.  We have the latest technology to assist with proper diagnosis and with vision therapy.

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