Patient Information

Patient Information

People come to our practice from many different angles, but mostly with a common purpose: to understand how your visual system is functioning and to learn if there are any interventions indicated that would improve visual development and performance. How would you know if you can benefit from our services?

Most of the patients we see are referred to us by other sources. These may be early intervention specialists such as OTs, PTs, or SLPs. Occupational therapists skilled in sensory integration have become particularly adept in screening patients for visually based developmental issues. Key observations indicating potential vision problems can be made by school personnel such as teachers, psychologists, or educational specialists. Many patients are referred to us by optometric physicians or other healthcare providers. Word of mouth between parents is a wonderful endorsement of the work that we do, and that is how a considerable number of our patients find their way to our practice.
Our patients span a wide variety of individuals. For example:
  • Picture patient of the Family Eyecare Associates Office
  • Children with visually based learning problems including reading disabilities
  • Children with developmental issues such as Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, or Dyslexia
  • Adults or children with untreated or inadequately treated strabismus or amblyopia
  • Adults or children with acquired brain injury from concussions or strokes
  • Adults or children with binocular vision problems such as convergence insufficiency
  • Adults or children with performance problems in sports or driving
Whether your child is receiving special education services or is home-schooled, whether you are an adult or a teenager, every patient in our practice is treated with the utmost respect and individuality. It is our patients who make our practice special.


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