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If your child is experiencing any of the following conditions, we can help:
  • Lazy eye
  • Eye alignment problems
  • Focus problems
  • Convergence insufficiency
  • Hand-eye coordination problems
  • Double vision
Child Eye Exam
We Specialize in Treating
Pediatric Vision Issues

Meet Dr. Laura Knapp

Dr. Laura Knapp, FCOVD has been in the field of optometry for over 15 years. She led the pediatric team for a private practice in Virginia and introduced vision therapy to its patients and employees.
Dr. Knapp’s passion is to assist in both pediatric and adult optometric care, helping to correct those with eye coordination difficulties. Her extensive training allows her to specialize in the treatment of these patients while simultaneously pursuing a particular interest in learning-related vision disorders.
Dr. Knapp - Optometrist
Dr. Laura Knapp

Our Process

We’re able to see children in our office as early as infancy. If you have any concerns or family history of vision problems, early treatment is best to minimize the impact of vision issues on normal development. Our practice is at the leading edge of technology, and we have many ways to assess infants and toddlers.

The Diopsys Enfant System enables us to record the visual brain waves of non-verbal patients.

Diopsys Enfant System Used at PressVision

This gives us information about how well the visual part of the brain is seeing through the right eye and left eyes individually, and with both eyes together. Pediatric Eye Care increasingly involves considerations about early intervention for issues related to vision development. Early treatment can prevent issues from compounding and getting worse over time, impeding learning and development.

“My team and I at PressVision will work closely with you and your child to get them the care that they need. We provide pediatric exams and prescriptions, and also specialize in treating more challenging vision problems. We’re able to create a custom tailored vision treatment plan for your child to give them the vision that they need to excel at school and in life.”
Dr. Laura Knapp

Kids, Learning, and Vision Issues

We’re able to treat children of all ages from infancy up through high school and college. We treat kids from a variety of educational backgrounds including those who receive special education services, home-schooling, or attend public / private schools.
Referrals are NOT required to visit our office, but we do receive many of our patients from educational and medical professionals including early intervention specialists such as OTs, PTs, or SLPs. Occupational therapists skilled in sensory integration have become particularly adept in screening patients for visually based developmental issues.

Key observations indicating potential vision problems can be made by school personnel such as teachers, psychologists, or educational specialists. Many patients are referred to us by optometric physicians or other healthcare providers. Word of mouth between parents is a wonderful endorsement of the work that we do, and that is how a considerable number of our patients find their way to our practice.

Testimonials from Our Pediatric Patients

"I can do my schoolwork without my eye going out. I no longer see double. I don’t lose my place in reading. It is not as hard to see the blackboard."
Jessica Marcoux
"Jessica’s grades have all gone up at least one grade. She enjoys reading now and doesn’t dread it. As a matter of fact, she reads to her little sister all the time. I was a bit doubtful of Vision Therapy until I saw the change myself in her drifting eye and her schoolwork."
Tracey Marcoux
Jessica’s Mother
"It has been a tough haul, but I did it! Now I can go back to college as a “full-time student.” That was something I thought would never happen. I am confident that I will do well. Between the eye exercises and the use of my glasses, how can I not! Also, thanks to Vision Therapy, I can resume food shopping, which is important when you take care of a household. Thank you!"
Sammy Herrmann


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