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We begin seeing children in our office from infancy. It is never too young for your child to be evaluated, particularly if you have any concerns or family history of vision problems. Our practice is at the leading edge of technology, and we have many ways to assess infants and toddlers.
The Diopsys Enfant system enables us to record the visual brain waves of non-verbal patients.
This gives us information about how well the visual part of the brain is seeing through the right eye and left eyes individually, and with both eyes together. Dr. Leonard J. Press has published case studies on this technology, which you can view here at the Diopsys Website.
Pediatric Eye Care increasingly involves considerations about early intervention for issues related to vision development. For more information about developmental vision, please refer to our Developmental Optometry page.


InfantSEE Here at PressVision at Family Eyecare Associates, we specialize in offering an InfantSEE® appointment for your baby’s vision exam.

Having an InfantSEE® assessment will help us find out how your baby’s vision is developing at that very moment. It can also help us determine your baby’s vision in the future. We recommend that babies have their first vision check between six months and one year of age. Your child’s test will also be completely free through the use of InfantSEE®.

Your baby will learn more and more about vision over time. The greatest amount of growth in vision happens during the first year of life. During that time, babies learn how to focus on objects and move their eyes around.

An InfantSEE® appointment takes approximately ninety minutes at our office. We will do a complete check of your baby’s eyes and see if there is anything to be concerned about. Our qualified and friendly staff with work with both you and your baby to ensure your questions are answered.

If you have any questions about InfantSEE®, contact us today at (201) 794-7977.


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